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Nd :YAG รุ่น CT-LMG
Nd :YAG รุ่น DPL Magic Marker Diode Pumped Solid State Laser

Type : Laser Cutting & Engraving
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Source                         Model
CF Nd : YAG lamp-pumped
CF Nd : YAG diode-pumped
LASER source
Nd : YAG continuous Q-switched, function in tripped mode, power from 60W to 75W
Nd : YAG Q-switched, fundamental wave length:50 W, doubled frequency :25 W
CO2 continuous, power from 25 W to 100 W
Pumping type
Electrically pumped
Beam displacement
galvanometric deviation
galvanometric deviation
galvanometric deviation
Marking field
Standard 115  115 mm
Standard 115  115 mm
Standard 115  115 mm
Alternative marking field
177   177 mm / > 300  300 mm
60 ? 60 mm / > 300   300mm
Software Program
Link with CAD software program in PC-formats, via keyboard, bar-code reader or infrared transmittance
Safety standard
LASER in class IV. With housing in class in conformity with NF EN 60825/1 and EN 31550 standards.