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1. Read this operate manual carefully, acknowledge the structure and feature of machine in prevent to the potential danger.
2. Be sure that the voltage and frequency on the data plate is consistent with the power supply before operating.
3. The power plug and the antennas in it must be reliable instead of being loose or untouched.
4. Don?t abuse power lined or pull the line of the outlets forcefully. The power lines must be far a way from place where it is hot, too greasyor with sharp-pointed
5. The machine must be on the earth reliable
6. If there are some problems, cut off power immediately, turn off the switch then check and repair.
7. When the machine is working, checking and debugging, install a dusty shield on the working place.
8. Before working, remove all the tools eg. Wrench which leaving on the machine.
9. Keep the work place clean, the disorder. Moisture faint light and inflammable place is not suitable to run the machine.
10.Don?t the children near the machine and keep the entire visitor away the safe distance.
11.Raise the alert when working.
12.Don?t overload the machine by putting too much than ist maximum cutting capacity.
13. Don?t wear loose clothing, gloves, necklaces or jewelry to get caught in moving parts. Nonslip footwear is recommended. Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair. Roll long sleeves above the elbow.
14. Do not operate the machine under the tiredness. Drinking and palsy.
15. Keep poper footing and balance at all time.
16. Maintain the machine regularly;keep the tools sharp and clean.
17. Make sure the swich on OFF before conncet the power to avoid the incident.
18. Use the accessory by our company product or recommended.
19. Don?t store sundries near or above the machine, in case of serious incident.
20. Check the easily damaged parts in order to repair and place in time.
21. When cutting large diameter holes,keep the speed slower.
22. Before the machine working must tighten handle which should be clamed the work piece firmly to the table.




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