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1. This machine has several uses, such as surface cutting, drilling milling and also can be equipped with an electric switch for tapping.
2. This machine is of fine quality, can be operated easily, and it is not limited to skilled operators.
3. The drilling and milling operation can be performed by two methods:
1.Hand operation, which makes quick drilling.
2.Werm gear feed operation, which makes slow milling.
4. Bronze adjustable nuts, which adjust the thread clearance and reduce the wear. They also make screws rotated smoothly and increase the thread accuracy.
5. Whole column which makes this machine strong, stable, and also keep the high accuracy.
6. Head of tough cast ensures its accuracy lasting and enduring through the treatment of precise boring cylinder, grinding, and internal stress relief.
7. To adjust belt and change speed, new pulley cover is easy to open the cover.




Z406B - Hispeed drilling

DAF - 25F

DAF - 25B