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1. Beautiful out look, uniqueness of the design.
2. An hydraulic system is employed for changing the speed, efficiency can be improved.
3. The same one handle control the rotation, reverse, braking, changing speed, race rotation, it?s easy to operate.
4. The separated hydraulic clamping of the arm, column and gearbox ensure the clamping firmly, also the each clamping alone can be relieved.
5. The quenched precision ground arm slides is durable.
6. Safety device.
7. The safety of electronic element are in accordance with the international standard.
8. Solid design and construction or high precision and longevity.

รุ่น z3050x16/1

รุ่น Z3032 x 10/1

รุ่น Z3032x8/1

รุ่น Z3032 x 7

เครื่องเจาะแบบมีแขนเรเดียล SP3217