CNC Machining Center, Turning Center

Course Details
Important of CNC machine.
Selecting tool.
Machine cutting speed
Problem about sawing motion
Coordinate (2 and 3 axis)
To set a path of trend axis in CNC machine.
Difference between point of machining and point of programming.
Command G Code.
Command M Code.
Write CNC program with G Code, M Code.
Word of command Auto CAD, MechanicalDesktop.
Drawing pictures by AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop for CNC application machine.
Command of program by Auto CAD, MechanicalDesktop.
To write any program G Code with Auto CAD, MechanicalDesktop.
How to sent file G Code to CNC machine.
Meanning of the button Control in CNC machine.
Set Reference to be related with the program.
Operate real CNC Machining Center Milling, and turning center.

Training to learn.
learnning with modern equipments and modern machinery.
Air-conditioned room.
One computer for each student.
3 CNC Machining Center and 1 CNC Turning Center
20 hours in study and and 20 hours operating CNC machines.
Garantee to be able to operate CNC machine.

You can ......... when you end the course.
You can use basic program CAD/CAM.
You can control the machine to work 2D and 3D job.
Knowledge of CNC Machining Center, Milling Center,Turning Center.


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